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Most Expensive Luxury Car Brands to Repair If You Are in An Accident

If you are shopping around for a new car, there are many things to consider. Many of us have owned or rented a car that when it came to purchasing parts or paying for repairs, we were faced with a huge bill. With this in mind, you may be wondering which car brands are the most expensive to repair if needed. Take a look below to find out.


According to YourMechanic, BMW takes the top spot of the most expensive car brand to repair over time. To keep one of these cars on the road for a decade, you should expect to spend around $17,800 USD to keep it running. As BMWs and their parts are imported, the cost for them quickly adds up, adding a hefty price point for potential owners. Luxury cars, including BMWs, also come with the ‘luxury’ label, so many owners may need to turn to a specialised mechanic when it comes to needing repairs. With the parts already at a high price point, these services can quickly add up, especially if you need to make several repairs over time.


Next on YourMechanic’s list is Mercedes-Benz. Many of us see Mercedes as a high-end car brand which can still be used for everyday driving. As Mercedes are common as luxury day-to-day cars, their repairs can quickly add up with ongoing wear and tear. According to YourMechanic, the average cost to keep a Mercedes-Benz on the road for ten years is $12,900 USD, which can be a big price to pay for many car owners. With small repairs as well as ongoing maintenance costs to consider, it is no surprise that the cost of running one of these cars can quickly add up over time.



Cadillacs are seen as luxurious cars, especially in Australia as they are imported from overseas. As these cars are not common on our streets, it is no surprise that their repairs can be incredibly expensive, even in their home country of the USA. Over a ten-year period, you can expect to spend $12,500 USD to keep your Cadillac running and driveable. This is also before you consider general wear and tear which will come from owning a car. If you own a Cadillac, you may need to shop around for an accredited dealer and even a specialised mechanic to give you the best service for your car. With this in mind, the dollars can quickly add up, even when it comes to general servicing and maintenance.


As Volvo may not be seen as a luxury car brand to most people, its tied place with Cadillac for the cost to keep one of their cars running over a ten-year period may come as a surprise. The high price point of $12,500 USD over a ten-year period is linked to the brand’s dedication to safety, especially safety-related technologies, so the higher cost of repairs is justified to many fans of the brand.

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