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TVR Tamora

“The British Bulldog”

TVR? You’ve heard of Lotus, Jaguar and Aston Martin, but who is TVR? TVR are one of those plucky breed of English specialised sportscar manufacturers. They are not a mass-produced GT like a Jaguar, or a fragile toy like a Lotus, but a hairy-chested, hand-built, one-fingered salute to the established supercar royalty. This is the kind of car the Brits do best; light-weight, front-engined, rear-drive with gobs of power and the simplest form of traction control possible; the bloke behind the wheel.

The Tamora, is one of the latest in TVR’s range of hard-core super-sports cars, being slightly softer than some of their other offerings (not that you’d notice it), but still with the same raucous soundtrack and unique TVR-isms (see if you can work out how to open the door).

Tamora is named after the Queen of the Goths and this lady is certainly a fighter; take a look at these numbers;

Queen Tamora will chew up the 0-100km/h sprint like a plate of mushy peas in just 4.4 seconds on a dry track (don’t even think about it in the wet). Give this lady a pint of your finest premium and she’ll come out brawling and won’t quit until she’s hit 175mph (that’s 282km/h to us in the land down under)

The Tamora is our convertible and she looks just as pretty with the roof up or down, but either way, nothing stops the noise. This is driving at its most raw; it’s like every part of you is connected directly to the road beneath you.

She is one of only 2 Tamoras in Australia, she is very special to drive and she is waiting for you.

Don’t just dream it – drive it!

Check this video of the Tamora in action:

Here’s what BBC’s 5th Gear thought of the TVR Tamora: