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Lotus Elise

There’s a good word that sums up the Elise, and that word is ‘connected’. In a world where cars are more and more divorced from both driver and road, the lightweight Elise is a sportscar that still delivers the best seat-of-the-pants feel. The Lotus Elise  0-100 takes 6 seconds, top speed is 204 km/h – the engine does the worthy job of playing support actor to the Elise’s brilliant handling.We’ve spent a decade marvelling at the Elise’s responses, and we’re not about to stop now. Steering, feedback, balance: they’re — right. Taut. Lithe. The new 134bhp 1.6-litre naturally aspirated four-pot is sourced from Toyota and built in Wales. It gets all of Toyota’s clever fuel-saving tech, including variable-valve lift and timing, but fettled by Lotus for a more Elise-ish feel. In short, this is  a great  car and green.

This car joins our fleet predominately as an affordable rental.

Rent it from Brisbane for $550 per  24hours.
So to rev up that special occasion with the Lotus, contact us to secure your booking

Here’s what it looks like going around Lakeside Park DTC circuit – what a hoot!