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Ferrari 360 Modena

“The Italian Stallion”


From their unrivalled racing success, to their incredible back-catalogue of classics, to a history of speed, beauty and stratospheric prices, Ferrari is the first name most people think of when the subject of ‘supercars’ comes up.

The Ferrari 360 Modena continues the marque’s line of mid-engine, V8 supercars as their ‘entry-level’ offering. Although this may be Ferrari’s ‘base model’, it will not disappoint any devotees of the prancing horse.

Following on from the success of the F355 and increasing the engine size to 3.6 litres, the 360 moves the game ahead to a new level of sophistication, handling and power. Its all-aluminium chassis makes it stiffer and about 25 percent lighter than the car it replaces.

The headline figures are what excite the most;


This thoroughbred will be breaking the open-road speed limit in just 4.3 seconds and, if you’re brave enough to keep your right foot buried in the carpet, will finally run out of steam at over 3 times that figure (provided you could find a long enough stretch of racetrack to try it on).

Our beautiful black Ferrari 360 Modena is fitted with the optional F1 paddle-shift, semi-auto, 6-speed gearbox for lightning fast gear changes and maximum hands-on-wheel control.

You’ll be smitten when you see it, you won’t believe your luck when you get to sit in the driver’s seat, you’ll be in heaven when you start it up and you’ll have a hard time wiping the grin off your face after you’ve driven it.

Go on, drive your dream!

See our Ferrari 360 in action here:


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