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The Drives

Drive Day Supercar Tour


Which cars you drive: Ferrari Modena 360 (F1/automatic), Lamborghini Gallardo (Manual) and a TVR Tamora (Manual).

Self Drive: There is no instructor in the car with you, however we will run through the functions of the car to make sure you are comfortable with operating the vehicle on your own.

About the day: The Supercar Drive Tour is an exciting and unique opportunity to drive a Ferrari 360 Modena (F1 Paddle shift) and a Lamborghini Gallardo (manual) in one unforgettable day. Experience the thrill and passion of these two exotic super cars for less than half the price of a day rental.

Our Super car Drive Tour puts you and one, two or three of your friends, family members or colleagues in the drivers seat of these exclusive cars.

Your day starts with a coffee and a brief of the cars you will be driving. We will make sure your fully comfortable with the safe operation of your vehicle. During this period You’ll also have a chance to meet the other participants of your session.

When we hit the road you will notice these stunning cars will be much easier to drive than you think, and a lot faster than you can imagine.

We have chosen the most exciting route from winding mountain climbs, beachside drive and highway cruising.

You’ll have plenty of time to drive-compare, (complain!?) and test each car.

What you will need:


*Slim/Well fitting shoes is a must!

*No security deposit required

*Minimum age for Drivers 30  (Passengers any age)

*A valid manual drivers license held for a minimum of 5 years