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Destiny Rescue

We support the Destiny Rescue Organisation. Your support of our business allows us to support children who have been rescued from prostitution on the streets of Cambodia and Thailand. Many of these children have been sold to or kidnapped by people who run brothels.

Rescue and aftercare program

Destiny Rescue

Raped by strangers and family members, sold to brothels, drugged, beaten and left for dead, starving and desperate…… For girls and young women who have been prostituted and suffered heinous abuse, Destiny Rescue provides a safe home, where care, love, counselling and hugs abound. These girls and young women receive an education and training, allowing them to rebuild their lives and have a hope for the future once again.

How does it happen?

Despite the ongoing efforts and suitably harsh penalties imposed by various governments for those who traffic children for sexual exploitation, children are still being prostituted. Traffickers employ the help of “agents” and local villagers to identify vulnerable families. Many different tactics are used to lure these “at risk” children into their brothels. Agents often deceive parents with false promises of respectable jobs in cities, guaranteeing a portion of the child’s wage will be regularly sent back to the parents.

Caring for rescued children

Taking care of young girls that have come from horrifically abusive situations and endeavouring to help them heal would be a daunting task for most people.  However, at Destiny Rescue we are of the time proven belief that “Love never fails” and as we show these precious children genuine Christ-like love we are seeing walls come down!

On staff we have qualified counsellors, medical staff and teachers, all with a passion to see these children made whole in body, mind and spirit.  All the children are given psychological, medical and educational assessments. From these assessments treatment and training is given on a daily basis but always making sure there is time for plenty of play and lots of hugs! Unlike many, many children that are still trapped in brothels, the girls in our Aftercare home have real hope for the future and are learning to dream again.

We need your help to be able to care for these girls and also to be able to expand this program so we can help 100’s, even 1000’s more of these beautiful children.

Please help these children TODAY!

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How you can help

We need you!

Volunteer your time and skills to fight with us to end child slavey and alleviate poverty – forever! Whether it is finding sponsors for abused/poor children, hosting a fund raiser or giving a presentation at your church/work/youth group… To get involved – click here

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